Environmental Packaging Information

In general, electric motors have a long service life, but when their disposal is required, the materials in their packaging and product must be properly separated and sent for recycling. Materials that are not recyclable must be properly disposed of in industrial landfills, co-processed in cement kilns or incinerated, as determined by environmental legislation. The providers of these recycling services and other types of disposal 10 hp 215TC motors must be properly licensed to carry out these activities, by the environmental agency in each state.

Constructive electric motors are made primarily of ferrous metals such as steel and cast iron as well as nonferrous metals such as copper and aluminum as well as plastic. The packages that the electric motors are supplied are made of cardboard, plastic or wood. These materials must be recyclable or reusable and must, in fact, receive the appropriate destination according to the current regulations of each state / country. If wood packaging is used, it must belong to reforestation, not needing to be subjected to chemical treatment for its conservation, since it will be recycled.